Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Journal postings

I am going to be posting my journal on here from my get healthy e-mails too, because its fun! : )
I will be changing names though for security purposes.

I don't know how I did it, but I have jump started my morning, and I am feeling scarily productive today(poor chris). Yesterday, I cleaned up my kitchen as good as I could without falling asleep. Then I made sure to have a good dinner with everyone in the family sitting at the dining room table together. (hard sometimes)Husband is off of overtime for a bit, but still has a regular schedule, which makes it nice because he will be getting home at a consistant time in the evening, so we can go back to our routine. So we had a 15 min pickup after dinner, and did another load of dishes. I went to bed at a pretty good time, well o.k., it was like 11:30, but I went to "the market" and got some groceries at 9:30, so by the time I put everything away, and looked up the health benefits of corn oil, it was about that time. I still slept realy well, and when I woke up this morning, I felt awake. It was time for some daycare kids to come so I hurried and got dressed and put my contacts in. The kids were still asleep, so it made me want to lay down and sleep some more on the couch, but something mysterious happened when I reached the bottom of the stairs. My subconsious remembered I had a load of clean dishes waiting for me in the dishwasher!I made the effort to go put the dishes in my wanting cupboards, they shouted for joy (o.k. not realy, but it felt like it) as I carefully placed each dish inside. Then, as if it were not enough, my arms reached for the dirty pans that didn't fit into the dishwasher last night, and I started to load the dishwasher again!! Soon I had a mostly full load of big dishes that don't normally fit in a dishwasher load with the everday dishes, and have been sitting on my counter awaiting their turn, and I put soap in and started it again!! I am now addicted to running a dish washing load!What will I do when there are no dirty dishes!(oh trust me by the end of the day there will be plenty, phew! )Then my eyes wandered to the pile of stuff that just doesn't belong on my counter that has been pushed into a corner on my counter. Like a mini cupcake stand, and a bulk box that used to hold a bunch of single boxes of mac and cheese, which was now filled with a glue gun, ribbon, and some other things I didn't recognize. And just wait, when I was decluttering that part, I found something I have been wondering about! My gum ball machine! Yay, my happy little fingers washed it all up, and I already have wonderfull ideas on how to torture the kids with it!hehehe, just kidding.......sort of. They will be whipped into shape by the end of the day, by earning pennies for their goodness, and losing them if they don't behave, then when its time to leave, they get to satisfy their cravings of the bright colored m&m candies waiting to reach their little mouths, so they don't melt in thier hands. (sorry, I am on one this morning). So now I have a clean counter top, and my next project is to clean out the microwave/toaster oven corner, that is cluttered with my pans and utinsel bucket. I am cleaning out the congestion and it feels good!I am so glad I am on a roll this morning, and I can't wait to see everything I can accomplish before I crash at nap time. Maybe I will even get my office stuff organized!! : ) Anyway, My meals for yesterday......nothing for breakfast realycheese tortilla for lunchlots of cream sicles (where did those come from?)dinner-rice and chop suey, olives, soy sauce, mmmmmmmmmmm Yesterday morning, I didn't want to have a messy kitchen while my pre-school helper was here, so I spent a while getting it cleaned up, it needed it, bad. We talked about moons, the letter K, and the number 11 for pre-school. Then I made lunch while they played outside for a bit. I had to pay her with a check again, because everytime I have cash, I forget to get ones and 5's. We picked up "Big brother" from his bus, and put the littles to bed. Then the kids played on their computer game, while I looked through an IKEA magazine, which has the coolest hangy chair, for 30 bucks, that I am trying to convince Husband of for the kids for Christmas! So cool!Then I went out and surveyed my garden while giving them the gift of life with water. I have concluded my tomatoe plants are going to take over my whole garden box someday. I also, noted my green pepper plants are in abundance of little baby green peppers, and my bean stalk is still yet to fruit, but I will be patient and hope it doesn't grow to the clouds first and let giants, or care bears come down from the clouds. My carrots and beats have grown big with thier leaves, but still are small with thier orange and pink parts. My cucumbers got trampled again, and I have concluded that they are going to an institution for the disturbed called mulch pile university. So sad. I will just have to replant, and make sure "maniac dog's" area is finished first.I played on the puter for a little while, and then Husband came home. I decided I was running late on getting dinner started, so I hopped to it. Good dinner, and the kids ate all of thiers too!I have decided that rice for dinner a few times a week is good. We put the kids to bed, while having a very small FHE moment that could be mistaken for as our normal nightly routine with them. We read about Abinidi, and his prophesying to the mean, and heartless king Noah. I then decided we were in need of some extra food, so I made a list that was only supposed to cost $30, but then after I payed for it all, it was more like $89. Went to maceys and got a bunch of veggies, and ingredients for my cousins recipe, and then butter bean patties on thursday. Came home and decided to check my computer essentials for life, and found empty email inboxes, and a few things on facebook. Then Husband came downstairs and had 2 bowls of raisin bran, and a handfull of MSG free fritos. I then had inspiration to look up corn oil health benefits, which I found to be very little. Doctrine and Covenants section 89 talks about the natural foods meant for our bodies. I find it interesting that it says, wheat for the man, corn for the ox, oats for the horse, and barley for the other animals. The reason this is interesting to me is I know corn is hard for your body to digest. Also, it turns straight into sugar and goes straight into storage even quicker than other starches. Corn oil, is very fattening actually, and experts have tried to prove its benefits, but an article I read said that they have failed miserably to find realy great evidence, even more so than any other studies about other food health benefits. One person said it was a great laugh to hear about the studies they are trying to prove. So what do you think? Is corn oil o.k.? I am wondering this because I realy wanted some chips, and Fritos are the only ones I could find that just have the simple ingredients of corn, corn oil, and salt. Everything else, even if they don't have MSG, has lots of other long, hard to pronounce ingredients. So I bought some fritos, but now I am wondering if I should just avoid them too. We went to bed after that, and that was my day! My goals for today are, finish in the kitchen, keep up my motivation, enjoy the time with the kids, keep the house looking decent, hopefully make it to Kerissa's class, get home at a good time, and get a good nights rest again so I can jump start my day tomorrow too! Well, love you all, and I hope you were able to get through this long e-mail, without getting readers cramp in your eyes. hehe Hope to hear from you and your thoughts on corn oil! Julia, oh ya and have a happy healthy eating day!! : )

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