Monday, May 23, 2011

A special prayer

I had a special experience last night with my 5 year old.
A special man came into our lives about 7 years ago. My sweet adorable Grandma was reunited with her high-school sweetheart from about 60 years earlier. I have a special place in my heart for each of my grandparents, and even though two of them I have never met in this lifetime, I still love them for being my grandpa's and living the lives they did.
So when Grandpa Mel joined our family, his sweet spirit pulled us all in like a magnet and my family and I have been calling him Grandpa since the day we met, which was also the day he married my sweet grandma.
It has been amazing watching him and all the things he has gone through in his life. When he was a boy, he was accidentally shot with a bullet. The doctors told his family he would not make it through the night.
The miracle.....he did make it through the night, and his whole life has been anything but short of great experiences all throughout. He is a good man, and a big sweetheart!
He has had a few health problems in the last couple of years and he has ended up in the hospital again these last couple of weeks. It has been really hard for him and his treatments have made him very weak. Today they are moving him into a hospice center :(
Last night I asked my 5 year old if she would say a personal prayer for Grandpa. I was putting her to bed and giving her goodnight hugs and kisses. She was in her bed and we had already said family prayer.
Grandpa is scared and unsure of what happens after this life and that is the hardest part for him, but he feels he is ready to give up. I explained to her his situation the best way I could to a 5 year old. I told her he needed prayers to help him feel safe and loved, and comforted and happy. She seemed to so easily understand. She said she would say one and proceeded right then and there to do it.
This little girl is hard to get to say family prayers. I know she has a testimony of prayer, but for some reason she has a hard time doing it in a group setting. She has excitedly told me before that she has said personal prayers before though, and I think that is really important.
So when she started to say it, I half expected that she would say everything I had told her that we should pray for, word for word. She surprised me though...and I don't think I could ever forget how sweet this little prayer was.
She said "Dear Heavenly father, please bless Grandpa Lappin that he will have...(I felt her searching for the words) butterflies in his dreams." Then she closed her prayer. It was so simple and perfect and beautiful, she took a little piece of my heart at that moment and it has been mushy and tender ever since.
Just last week my visiting teacher came over and talked to me about a talk given in the recent LDS General conference, about becoming like a little child in heart and mind. That was all I could think about last night, well that and wanting to pray for Grandpa to have butterflies in his dreams too.
If we could all have the faith of a little 5 year old, and the simplicity that their mind uses, things would be so amazing for us.
I am praying that my grandpa can know how much he is loved by our Heavenly father, that there is life after this one, and that he has many loved ones surrounding him and ready to help him, and take care of him here and in the spirit world. I am praying that he will have faith and will be able to heal and have strength, and that he will know he is worthy of being happy and loved because he is a son of God. I am also praying that his testimony will be strengthened through all of this too.
I love you Grandpa Mel! Thank you for being the part of my life that you are! I hope we can all think a little more like my little girl did last night when we are faced with challenges. Humility, innocence, faith, and love for our savior.

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