Friday, November 21, 2008


O.k., first of all, I am 28 almost and I just learned that I have been spelling exercise wrong, and didn't realize it. I have been spelling it Excersize, which just seems like it should be spelled that way. hehe Funny me.
So I have been learning all kinds of stuff from an awsome lady named Carol Tuttle, and my cousin Karey, and sister Kerissa who do the same kind of work. The website is if you ever want to check it out. She sends out weekly e-mails that are very helpfull too.
I learned that you have 7 energy points on your body, called chakras. This is a really cool thing, because they all focus on different things in your life. I learned that each chakra has a color too.
Your first chakra is red, 2nd orange, 3rd yellow and so on. Carol says that wearing these colors also helps feed those energies. So I thought that was pretty awsome, considering the color of shirts I wear each day.
Having a certain color each day, not only satisfies my compulsiveness to have organization with my clothes, but now they mean more to me. So today, since it is my blue shirt day, I am feeding my 5th chakra. I am focusing on my celestial goals, and marriage, but I am also helping my will power, speaking my truth, listening and being heard, communication, finding my true voice and expressing my truth.
You can find out more about it on the website
Take a look at it!

Today, my poor husband is sick. I wanted to go on a date with him, but he doesn't want to go anywhere, which is fine.
He is going to pick up a pizza for us tonight and we will probably all just watch a movie together.
I decided thought that to help strengthen my marriage since its blue day, I am going to attempt his never ending laundry pile, that I am sure he doesn't want to get to while he is sick. Poor guy, I told to take cold ease, and he told me he was conducting an experiment, to see how long his cold would last without cold ease. I had a cold start on monday, and it was gone wednesday, because I used cold ease. He didn't believe that it helped though. This morning he was coughing and sniffing, and miserable, so he came and asked me where the cold ease is, so he could take it to work. Funny guy!
One way to help heal negative energy is to tell yourself positive things, so here goes:

I am thankfull for my marriage.
I am worthy of an eternal celestial marriage.
I am worthy of love.
I am sooooo thankfull for my family!
I am creating ways for my family to feel happy.
I am creating ways for happy and exciting things to come our way.
I am allowing positive energy to enter our home and family.
I am creating ways to allow more money flow.
I am happy with the way my marriage is now.
I am thankfull for the things we are provided with today.
I am thankfull for the knowlege of the gospel that I have.
I am thankfull for the knowlege of angels.
I am allowing my angels to help me with the things I need and want.
I am happy with my body how it is today.
I am creating ways for me to help it be healthy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Strengthening friendship

I was supposed to work on strengthening my friendships yesterday. I can't say I did a whole lot there, but I did check out my friends blogs and got caught up on them, and learned more about them. I am so thankfull for the friends I have, and the ones that I used to have. I wish I was better at keeping in touch with them. Thats why I love e-mail and blogging. I also love all their pictures. That way I don't see them face to face sometime and have to say, "wow your kids got all grown up!"
I need to focus on getting in touch with friends that I haven't talked to for a long time too.
Yesterday was election day. Chris says we may be in trouble because all of the house/senate spots filled up with democrats. Not that I have anything against democrats. I really don't. I personally would choose a more conservative/republican way, but Democrat and Republic points of view are just personal opinions in my opinion, and I actually think there are good and bad to both sides and they even eachother out. Thats why it would be bad to have all of our leaders democrats. We need both parties. I am so thankfull for knowlege of someone even more powerfull thats really in charge. The scriptures say our country will be hanging by a thread, it talks about a lot of things that are going on now. I know they are just signs of the last days, and the rightous will be protected. I am not scared, because I have been blessed with the knowlege I need to help me feel prepared. We have been through times like this before, and its all in gods hands. I am thankfull to know that we will be o.k. no matter what.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A day of love. hehe
To be honest and dissapointing, (sorry) I forgot to focus completely on why I was wearing my red shirt. I did however get my living and kitchen all cleaned up so when Chris got home he could come into a nice clean loving place. Plus, when he got home I was in a really good mood. Last monday I was really irritable, because it was getting late, and Chris wasn't home, and the kids were getting tired and cranky. So when we tried to start Family home evening, it ended up just being are normal evening devotional and putting the kids in bed. And then I ended up indulging on the cookies that my husband made for treats, and my kids didn't get any. I felt really bad afterwards. Yesterday, was good. We read a story out of the LDS Friend magazine for little kids. Then we attempted a game, but it didn't work so well. I ended up putting the kids to bed by myself, because my brother in law called, and my husband talked to him for a while. I decided it wouldn't do any good to get upset over it, and they don't get to talk much, because my brother in law lives a good 17 hour drive away. I guess thats where the love comes in. Treating my husband the way he should be treated, especially after he goes to work all day, and usually works a couple extra hours of overtime a day to help provide the income we need. I love my husband sooooo much! I need to work on showing it more. Sometimes I feel like staying home all day, only having kids a babies to talk to, feeding them, and changing their diapers, and then cleaning up everything to top it off, drains me more than it would to sit at a desk all day, playing with 3d glasses and maps, but when I think about it.. He gets up earlier than I do, he has to deal with the cold weather, and messy traffic while driving, he works for someone else, which I have to be my own boss, or I go nuts, he has to deal with making sure people in other countries get their work done right, and he has to make sure we have enough income every month to provide for his family. I bring a small amount of income with watching other kids during the day, but I think his responsibility for keeping a job is much higher than mine. I appreciate him so much, and I am thankfull that he is willing to provide a way for me to stay home with the little ones. I know it makes him sad to know that he misses out on cute things the kids do during the day. I think that would be really hard. I have a tremendous respect for stay at home mothers, but I also have a respect for the fathers that are willing to provide the way for stay at home mommy's.
I didn't really practice my talents yesterday, but I did dance for about 20 minutes with the kids, and that was a lot of fun. I am so glad I have the privacy of my home to do dance moves and be completely goofy and not have to worry about people seeing me do it. lol Its fun.
Well, I will work on showing more love on mondays.

Monday, November 3, 2008

We had a really good lesson in sunday school again. She talked about how we can have healthy food, but in order to really benefit from it we need to actually eat it. The same is with the gospel. We can go to church and learn about all the things we need to know, but in order for it to benefit us the most we need to actually practice it.
I am starting to learn something that I knew allready, but hadn't really practiced it a whole lot.
The last two sundays, we have had a family prayer in the morning, and we asked for help to make it to church on time, and for help with getting the kids to have the desire to be reverent.
The first week, we not only made it to church on time, but we were about 10 min. early, and we were on time yesterday too, and our kids were sooooooo good the last two weeks! I only had to take Adria out to change her diaper. She was quiet and manageable the whole time. It was so nice! I will continue to pray for those things. We are allways late to church, and so it was kind of weird to walk into the chapel and be almost the first ones there. It was really nice to not have to walk in and have everyone watching us and wonder why we were late. hehe
We came home and our evening was peacefull and quiet. I love it when my sundays are like that. I also think that having my house clean and dishes and laundry clean helped with that a lot. There were no worry's or stressing out. It was a good day.

Good works day

Chris took Adria for me and went to his parents house so I could get some stuff done, and only worry about one kid, and she takes long naps, so it was even easier. Kimberly and I went and did some grocery shopping. While we were out I started to just feel really happy for some reason. I don't know if it was the break, or Kimberly's cuteness, or the fact that it was good works day, but I just really felt like making other people happy too. My neighbor down the street just had surgery and so I was buying food to make them dinner with also, and I think that put me in the happy mood also. I couldn't help but smile at everyone and be really friendly to them. It was fun! People that were feeling grumpy weren't going to get past me without having to smile back at me. lol
I was going through an isle that was a little crowded and a young father started to tell his daughter to move out of the way. She was allready moving and he continued to get mean to her by degrading her worthness with mean words. He told her "you are allways in somebody's way" "like mine". I will never forget the way she looked at her dad when he said that. He didn't even notice her hurt face, and she quickly walked away from him and went off to hide her tears. He didn't even realize that she had left. I felt like going to her and apologizing because I was the one he was telling her to move for. She looked to be about 12 or so and was such a cute girl. I couldn't believe the harshness that her dad had used with her over something so silly. He started to go to a new isle and was calling her name. I knew where she was but didn't want to tell him. I wanted him to find her upset. As I past him again( I was going all sorts of directions trying figure out what I should do, hehe) I decided I would apologize to him, so he could realize that I saw the way he treated her. I told him "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get her in to trouble", and then he said "what? Alysa? Oh, I was just teasing her." Then he walked past me and found her and said in a jerk tone of voice "lysa I was just teasing you". I thought to myself, if someone was teasing me like that, I would have been hurt too. I didn't see them after that, but I hope he realized he needed to be more gentle to his own daughter.
Then, as we walked around, I proceeded to smile at everone, and I am a sucker for the elderly. I just loooooooovvvveeee them!!! In fact if you are retirement age or older, you are probably on my list of the cutest people in the whole world. Don't worry if you are not that old yet, you will get there someday and then I will absolutely just love you whether you are grumpy or not! This little old man saw Kim and said, "oh, is this a little boy or a little girl?". I told him she was a girl, and he said "Oh, she's a cute one!" I loved it! I just wanted to hug him for being so cute!
After that we left and were walking out to our van. I noticed an old couple outside there car, and I wanted to hug them too. I thought about the turkey vouchers I have been collecting. I don't really have a need for them, so I got in my van and pulled out the ones that I had. I had $2.00 and .50 cents towards a Macey's turkey. Just then a little blue toyota pickup truck pulled up next to me in the parking lot. Inside was the sweetest little old person. I decided I would see if he wanted them. So I jumped out, I think I may have suprised him a bit, and then said to him while handing him the vouchers "These are for a turkey, I am not going to need them and I was wondering if you would want them." He took them, and said "By golly! I think we will!" and then he thanked me and told me I was kind. AAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!
I went home smiling ear to ear! I was so thankfull for the opportunity I had to do something for someone else. I know heavenly father blesses us for our good works, if anything he blesses us with happiness. Which we all need!
I went home and cleaned up our house for the sabbath the next day. I got everything done that I wanted to do, and really enjoyed the rest of the night. I am thankfull that I have been taught the importance of giving off posotive energy. Its so true that positive thoughts and deeds attract positiveness. When you allow yourself to see things the happy way, you are able to find other things that make you happy. I think with the law of tithing. Its not just to show obedience, but I think we have it to help us attract posotive things. When we give our tithing, we are showing an act of service, which makes us feel good, which attracts posotive energy, which allows us to attract positive experiences. I see it the more I use it. Its great!
I am gratefull for my saturdays, and for the opportunity they give me to create good works, to make others happy and myself.