Monday, November 2, 2009

thoughts and rambles

I haven't posted on here for a while now, and last night a subject was brought up in conversation that I have been realizing the last little while. We may all have different views on this, so remember this is my thoughts only, but it may be something to think about.
I have just been thinking about the direction this world seems to be taking recently, and I am noticing a split forming.
I personally believe that we are in the last days, before Christ visits us again. Our world right now is at an all time for technological advances, education is flourishing, uses of the earth are maximized, with all the good, it is also a very unstable, unsafe, confusing and terribly full of crime and wickedness.
I personally feel pretty safe, but every day on the news, there are several negative stories being broadcasted and creating negative energy to flow throughout thoughts and homes.
It is said that in the last days, the rightous will be the most rightous, and the advasary will be extreme in the other direction. I don't think we are at the beginning of this split, I think it has been going since christianity was brought back. I think it has just been a small gap getting bigger and bigger over the last 200 or so years. Now, I think it is starting to show more.
I have been blessed over the last couple of years to be given more and more education on living with the earth basically. Using the natural ways. I am blessed with a home with all the modern day conveniences, I have running water, easy ways to prepare food, stores nearby, clothes, toys, paper, bank account, and knowlege on how to take care of it, everything someone from the street would long for. I am sooo thankfull for it!
I have Tylenol, Ibuprofin, man made medicines that I am so greatfull for too, I know that there is good and bad in all technology.
The more I learn about living naturally though, curing sicknesses with herbs and oils from the earth, the more I start to understand the happiness of purity.
In all things there should be a balance, and moderation. I feel like with the more technology man comes up with, the more complicated this world gets though. People end up having their passions become temporary happiness.
The things that nature has given us, creates long lasting happiness.
For example:
When we eat things that are in their purest form, it helps strengthen and build up our bodies and we have long lasting good results, we have good health, but when we eat things that were good in their pure form, but have been changed, our bodies don't digest it as well, the nutrients aren't what they were so our bodies don't use them the same way. We end up getting cancers, and different diseases, because our bodies are not working the way they should. Even though, its nice and convenient to have food packaged, made into Cheezits (I am craving them right now), or protien bars, or ready made meals, the convenience of them is a temporary happiness, and build up of the chemicals in them over time, can lead to disease of the body.
Even relying on other places to supply your produce can have a negative outcome, with all the things they do to preserve even fresh fruits and vegetables. Growing it yourself, would be the purest way to do it.
Its the same with T.V., music, computers, ipods, cell phones, cameras (I had to mention that one, lol), they all bring goodness, in better communication, preserving memories, good music, a way to relax, but we become so dependent on them, that if we were suddenly without them, we wouldn't know what to do!
So here is the split I am seeing. The man made world has its ways, flourishing and chaotic, and the natural spirit of the earth, and your natural spirit is still around and in its full purity. We have forgotten it through in our desires to have more which the man made world provides.
I see the manmade world going in its extreme direction, and the spiritual side of the world going in its extreme direction.
Over the last few months, there has been a lot of confusion, and conspiracy theorys about the H1N1 virus. I read, which I know I can't believe everything I read (which is everyones problem right now), that 1/3 of the population will die from this virus. Well, they are having a shortage on the vaccine, and statistics show only 1/3 of the population will get the vaccine.
Now, I know that vaccines have their good sides. For some people it may just save them from getting the worst of it. I personally have felt like my family should not get the vaccine. There is a conspiracy going around saying that the government is behind the whole thing, and that the good batches of the vaccine are being saved for higher officials, and the batches with an added toxin are being given to the public.
I am not going to insist this is true or anything, but if that kind of theory is going around, who started it and why?
I would like to protect my family any way I can, but I realy feel the best way to protect them, is by the pure things. The natural herbs and oils of the earth, whole foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains that are meant for the body. Living the way they used to, before all this technology came around, seems to me to be the safer way.
The knowledge of how to use all these naturall ways, has been forgotten, while man made perfection has been attempted, but not completely lost.
I feel that while I will continue to use man made things as a blessing, not a necessity, that increasing my faith and trust in the spiritual ways will keep peace and harmony and the feeling of safety surrounding me and my loved ones.
This is not the only thing that is going to be happening in the near future. The new health care plan, is already showing signs of major negativity. My dad has Humana. He recently recieved a new book showing their updated health plan, and everything has skyrocketed!
Insurance companies are going to skyrocket their prices, forcing us to take on the new health plan, and to be on the same level as everyone else in the world, which will eventually be a part in the lead to the new whole world order, or should I just say it, communism. Part of the plan is to then give all the doctors the same equal salary, which could eventually lead to us losing a lot of good doctors from them not wanting to put up with it.
I feel like we are going to the planet in the book "A wrinkle in time", where everyone was controlled by the big brain. lol
We have a choice though. Do we follow the way that the world is going, relying on man to protect us, or do we choose to educate ourselves on how to protect ourselves with the naturall gifts of the earth, spirit, and things that are in their purest form. Take the rightous way and strengthen our spirituality, or go a long for the ride with the confused and chaotic man.
Which direction are you going to choose?

Live with spirit and die with the spirit,
or live with the worldly and die with the worldly?

I hope that all made sense. I can just see how when the scriptures talk about seperating the wheat from the tares in the last days, how it is happening now.