Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Good Good Day!!!
Well, as I stated in my e-mail yesterday, I had a good jump start to my day.
I am happy to report that I got counters so clean, I didn't want to put anything back on them!
I had to, but it looks nice and organized and fun now.
I found the missing part to my blender!!!!
So excited!

can't remember : (
oh, ya, fritos

can't remember : (
oh, ya, fritos

spinach, and berry smoothie
homemade kidney bean, onion, garlic, pepper flake, tomatoe Burrito, at 10:00 pm about

um, so I kind of reported my morning yesterday, so I will go from there. I played on the puter for a little while, then I made the kids toast cheese sandwiches for lunch, for some reason I skipped it.
Then I picked up brother 1 and then put the littles to bed. Silly me didn't get dinner in the crockpot until 1:30, thinking it only needed 6 hours, well come to find out later it needed 8 hours.
I think I cleaned a bit more in the kitchen after that, and referied the kids a bit.
Realy it was kind of a blur after that, but I think I was still working in the kitchen for most of the day.
Husband came home, and I got ready to go to my sisters class. All the kids got picked up, and I made everybody a spinach berry smoothie, I love how you can't taste the spinach. : )
Then I headed out to my sisters house, called her to see if SR 201 was open, to find out it isn't, ending up in my thankfullness that I called. I hit about every stop light up to 3500 s. and then while I was on I-80, I decided I was kind of scared of my tires ruptering, so I decided to go a bit slower than the speed limit to be safe, and tried not to imagine what it would feel like to end up swerving into the gutter full of water if it did break.
I made it safely to my sisters house, and learned all about Marine Phytoplankten, and how it came about, what the benefits are, how it differes from others products with it in it, that it is realy healthy stuff, and I need to convince Husband to let me try some. : )
I also learned that my neice likes to give a tour of the house, even if her mom doesn't want her to, hehe, and that my sisters bathroom is realy clean, and cute and I am jealous. : ) Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors Bathroom or phytoplankten....
I bought the lemon oil and peppermint oil that you can ingest, instead of finding out the hard way that you can't ingest certain brands of it, namely the aromatheraputic kind, just get it through my sister and she will know what is best for you.
I just about walked out the door with her money, but I was so greatfull she reminded me to pay. : O hehe
Thank you my sister
Then I headed home.
Got home safely, and talked to Husband about what I learned (o.k., so I talked his ear off a little, he should be used to it).
We then discussed civilly the fact that herbs are just as good for you as exercise........
O.k., there may have been a little bit of competition there, but we worked it out. We always do. : ) I ate a burrito out of the homemade kidney refried bean mix from the crockpot, which just barely got done, then we preceded upstairs to carry the conversation of phytoplankten.
Then we went to bed.
Thing 1 woke me up sometime in the night, stating she wet her bed and needed to go potty, I thought to myself, "why does she choose to wet the bed first and then go potty?" Poor girl, she slept on the floor afterward, and I went to give Thing 2 Kisses too, and she smiled at me and said " HI". So sweet!
I went back to bed so greatfull, for the middle of the night moments with my little baby angels, and then layed there awake, and layed there awake, my mind was to full of the excitement of having a class at my house to have my sister teach more about Phytoplankten (that word is starting to sound weird). I counted all the people I feel could benefit from it, and then said a prayer to know if they would want to be invited and that they would want to. My sister did a realy good job teaching, and I am so excited for her to continue teaching healthy stuff. : )
I must have fallen asleep at some point, because I did wake up this morning.

So my goals for today are,

actually read the flylady e-mails instead of deleting them
accomplish the challange for today
keep my kitchen clean
maybe gut my dining room
have fun with the kids
make dinner on time (we are having my cousins recipe for the wedding chow chow, minus the corn, but I am excited!)
Debate on wether I should go to a baby shower or not. I think I will but wont stay long, I will have both kids with me.
Buy paper towels
Eat good
Love myself, so I can love others

well, I hope you all have a happy healthy eating day, full of happy moments to support you through the day!

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