Friday, November 21, 2008


O.k., first of all, I am 28 almost and I just learned that I have been spelling exercise wrong, and didn't realize it. I have been spelling it Excersize, which just seems like it should be spelled that way. hehe Funny me.
So I have been learning all kinds of stuff from an awsome lady named Carol Tuttle, and my cousin Karey, and sister Kerissa who do the same kind of work. The website is if you ever want to check it out. She sends out weekly e-mails that are very helpfull too.
I learned that you have 7 energy points on your body, called chakras. This is a really cool thing, because they all focus on different things in your life. I learned that each chakra has a color too.
Your first chakra is red, 2nd orange, 3rd yellow and so on. Carol says that wearing these colors also helps feed those energies. So I thought that was pretty awsome, considering the color of shirts I wear each day.
Having a certain color each day, not only satisfies my compulsiveness to have organization with my clothes, but now they mean more to me. So today, since it is my blue shirt day, I am feeding my 5th chakra. I am focusing on my celestial goals, and marriage, but I am also helping my will power, speaking my truth, listening and being heard, communication, finding my true voice and expressing my truth.
You can find out more about it on the website
Take a look at it!

Today, my poor husband is sick. I wanted to go on a date with him, but he doesn't want to go anywhere, which is fine.
He is going to pick up a pizza for us tonight and we will probably all just watch a movie together.
I decided thought that to help strengthen my marriage since its blue day, I am going to attempt his never ending laundry pile, that I am sure he doesn't want to get to while he is sick. Poor guy, I told to take cold ease, and he told me he was conducting an experiment, to see how long his cold would last without cold ease. I had a cold start on monday, and it was gone wednesday, because I used cold ease. He didn't believe that it helped though. This morning he was coughing and sniffing, and miserable, so he came and asked me where the cold ease is, so he could take it to work. Funny guy!
One way to help heal negative energy is to tell yourself positive things, so here goes:

I am thankfull for my marriage.
I am worthy of an eternal celestial marriage.
I am worthy of love.
I am sooooo thankfull for my family!
I am creating ways for my family to feel happy.
I am creating ways for happy and exciting things to come our way.
I am allowing positive energy to enter our home and family.
I am creating ways to allow more money flow.
I am happy with the way my marriage is now.
I am thankfull for the things we are provided with today.
I am thankfull for the knowlege of the gospel that I have.
I am thankfull for the knowlege of angels.
I am allowing my angels to help me with the things I need and want.
I am happy with my body how it is today.
I am creating ways for me to help it be healthy.

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Gwen said...

Very positive and uplifting. Thanks! I love you!