Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am sorry, its been a while since I have written, but I had some thoughts today that I wanted to share.
Recently my cousin introduced me to Dr. Emotos book about water crystals. I will have to look up the name of it. It is realy interesting to me.
Dr. Emoto found that water crystals change due to different things that it is exposed to.
Music, words written on paper and put near the water or on a container it is in, pictures, and prayer.
The crystals actually change shape, and they have found this by taking pictures of water in a room that is 5*c. They gathered water samples from various places and tested all of them, and they all showed the same types of changes with each exposure.
So my cousin said something interesting. If we know that our bodies are made up of 70%-90% water, then these changes must happen within us too when we are exposed to these different things.
What kind of words are we telling ourselves, are we harsh to ourselves or are we gentle and loving? What kinds of music, or pictures, or environments are we surrounded by? One study of a major water source in Japan I think, was so polluted that when they tried these tests on it, the water crystals didn't change at all. Are we so polluted that we don't react otherwise? What kinds of things are we exposing ourselves to, or better yet giving or treating our bodies to?
Well, one phrase that I have learned to say for energy healing, is "Love and harmony surround me". My daughters have had some little colds recently, and they both delt with pinkeye once. My 1 year olds eye was starting to look sore again, after two rounds of antibiotics. I started to say this phrase to her, and it completely took my worry off of it, which held back my negative energy about it, and I felt like she would be just fine. I would say to her "Love, grattitude, and harmony surround this child. All is well."
Turns out she just had a little cold in her eye this time, and it didn't get worse, and she was fine the next day.
So this morning. My daughters both have a little runny nose, and a bit of a yucky cough. We have had some red alert air quality in the valley for the past week or more, from a fire at a refinery. We had a major inversion that is taking a while to clear up, and it has caused a lot of health problems for people.
I prayed for rain, to help clear the inversion, and I am sure many others have been praying to have it clear up as well, and in the middle of the snowy winter, it has rained twice since I prayed for it. I haven't seen rain for a long time, just snow.
It was stake conference today, and my husband stayed home with the little ones. I looove stake conference. It is such a wonderful meeting that gives me such a spiritual high. I love hearing from our church leaders, even if I have heard it all before, it never gets old because I take something new from what they say everytime.
Our Stake building, is only a couple blocks away. I couldn't find my keys to drive and I was in a hurry to get there so I could make sure to get a good bench seat, instead of the hard chairs, so I decided I would just hurry and walk there.
On my way there, I noticed the weather looked a bit like it was going to rain again, and the thought popped into my head that I was probably going to be walking home in the rain.
So conference was wonderful as usual, and I slipped my coat back on to go home, and my zipper wouldn't work. I thought to myself, "this is going to be a cold walk".
As I was walking home, and watching everyone else get into their sheltering vehicles, I almost wished someone in my ward would see me and offer me a ride home. I told myself it was good exercise and it would be over quickly.
Then I started to think about the rain, and the fact that I prayed for it, and I knew it was helping to clear out the bad air. So I decided to change my attitude about it.
I decided to say a prayer while I was walking, and I said "Thank you so much for the beautiful rain, and for its help to clear out the bad air, so that we can breath well."
It was still cold afterward, but then I couldn't help but imagine the rain catching every polluted partical in the air and dragging it down to the ground to be filtered, and being so thankfull for the moisture and realized that this rain was a gift that I attracted. When I thought I was miserable, I imagine I was telling the rain it was bad, and it wasn't going to do the best job of clearing the air, but when I started to be gratefull for it, I was telling it, it is good, and I am sure it is going to help our air quality so much! I looooove the smell of rain, and the smell of being outside after it rains. It is so fresh! I can't wait until it has cleared all the bad air out, and it is finished raining so I can go take a deep breath of the cleanliness it has brought about.
I am thankfull for the winter time, and for all the moisture it brings to the earth. We get a lot of rain here in the summer time, but in the past it hasn't been near enough to keep us from drought. If we didn't have snow during the winter, our mountain resevoirs would be empty, and we wouldn't get the fresh water from the mountains anymore and we would be in an even bigger drought. I am thankfull for all the moisture and sunshine we recieve to help with our quality of life.

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