Monday, February 2, 2009

Choosing to be healthy

o.k., I went to an awsome class on Saturday given by our lovely Karey! I loved the whole class, but one part that realy stuck out for me, and possibly because the gethealthy club is a part of my everyday life, was a part that they taught about eating, drinking, and rest, and exercise being essential to keep your energy vibrations high, and of course owning your own power(thats a very important one).I realy believe that, giving yourself the adequate amounts of each of those is so important. When I was on my salad diet, I think a lot of the reason why I felt so good, and lost the amount of weight that I did, was because I raised my energy and belief levels in all of those areas. I told myself I was going to do the diet and prove that it works, and by saying that I realy think I created a high energy for myself and it wouldn't have worked at all if I didn't believe it was going to work. When I started to quit the diet, I didn't eat horribly afterward, but I didn't lose any weight afterward either, nor did I gain anything. I was eating very healthy before, and had a balanced level of when I ate and what I ate, I was exercising everyday, I was drinking lots of water, and I am not sure about the resting part, but I don't remember feeling tired during that time of my life either. So Karey, I think among other things your class gave me, I realy needed to hear that part to get me going on a higher vibration of loving myself and my body and what it can do, and what I can do for it.They mentioned that eating a balanced meal every 3 hours and no longer in between will help maintain your blood sugar levels to help keep your energies high. They also talked about the importance of water, and how without it "you are living for death", so live for life and give your body lots of water!Rest, is something I have struggled with in the last little while, but Chris and I are working on changing it for both of us. We have both committed to sticking to an evening schedule that we prepared. Our work days are over at 5:30 pm. 6:00-A healthy balanced meal for dinner together as a family 6:30- Get ready for bed... Everybody's bath and Jammies, and brush teeth, set things out for tomorrow. As soon as we are done doing that we get to watch American Idol, or a show that is on between 7:00 pm and 7: 507:50- Read scriptures and prayers, and tuck in kidlets into bed.8:00- Chris and Julia time to wind down, with relaxing and watching a t.v. show, or playing on the computer, our free time to do what we want.9:00- Animals in and house lights retired on the main floor9:15-Chris and I talk time. I find that often when I try to talk to Chris about important things, he tends to get distracted and isn't listening contently, so I have set aside this time for us to address important issues, that we want eachothers full attention on. 9:30- personal reading, meditating, praying, winding down time10:00- lights out. I have asked Chris to commit to keeping this schedule on the weekends also for a few weeks ateast to get a good start on it.I have to say this "It is going to be easy!" It is easy to keep my house clean, It is easy to eat a healthy balanced meal every 3 hours, it is easy to drink lots of water during each day, it is easy to be at a healthy weight, it is easy to feel peace in my home, it is easy to exercise everyday, it is easy to get the rest I need, it is easy to choose healthy things to eat, and it is easy to be healthy! If I say its hard, then it will be hard, If I say its easy, it will be easy!Also, it will work! One more thing I thought of over the weekend. When I was experiencing my recent slump of overall energy, I found that I kept telling myself that "I need chocolate, or I need the buttery popcorn my mom was enjoying so I can enjoy it too!hehe or I need ice cream.I almost told myself this morning that I needed a snack. Instead I am choosing to tell myself that I don't need comfort foods. I can say "I am choosing to eat some chocolate", or "I am choosing to eat some buttery popcorn", but I don't want to tell myself that I "need" those things, because I realy don't need them! I just enjoy them! Or I can I don't need chocolate, and avoid it all together.What I do need is food and water that will support the healthy body that I have been given, and I enjoy those things too! yay! Well, now you know what my brain has been thinking about constantly since saturday! hehe
I love you all the way you are!
May you have a happy, healthy choosing to be healthy, and enjoyfull of energy day!!

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