Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday-choosing a new habit to increase my spiritual well being.

I have had some sickness in my lungs, moving up into my throat and sinuses since thursday, and I kept exherting myself instead of resting. So last night, I decided I was just going to stay home from church and get some rest. Well this morning I was feeling yucky, but I took some ibuprophin and of course felt so much better that, I decided I should ateast go to the sacrament meeting. I was glad I did.
One of the speakers talked about keeping the sabbath day holy. He said that we often hear talks about what not to do on sunday, but that he wanted to focus on what to do on Sundays. He said that when we are engaged in an activity, to ask yourself, "what is it that I am learning from this activity that will help increase my spiritual well being."
Then he gave a challange for everyone to find something new to do on sundays that will help increase your spiritual well being.
When we were little my mom would have us do our S.U.S.S. (spiritually uplifting sabbath stuff)before we could do anything else after church on Sundays.
Usually it included reading our scriptures, or writing a letter, or reading from a church magazine.
When my husband and I got married, I wanted to continue the tradition. Chris and I grew up in very similar home lifes, but a few things were different of course, and one of those things were t.v. rules. I grew up with the rule of no t.v., unless it was a family activity, and no sports. He on the other hand loves sports and that was the first thing he would do when he would come home is turn on a football game or something. I on the other hand like to carry the peacefull feeling I get from our church services into the rest of the day with peace and quiet, but that is also my energy and personality type. So we came up with a compramise that we had to do our s.u.s.s before the t.v. came on.
The sad part of that whole thing is he has stuck to it, while I have horribly slacked on it. Nice huh.
I still don't care to have the t.v. on, and I am quiet and relax a lot, but the important part of actually reading my scriptures or doing something spiritually uplifting has not been practiced as much as It should be for my own growth.
So I think for my new habit, I am going to start doing my s.u.s.s. again. I don't think I have realy done anything with it since before my 3 year old was born.
We get home from church and our 1 year old goes down for a nap, but our 3 year old needs to start having some s.u.s.s. time too, so I will try to figure out a way to involve her also.
My s.u.s.s. has always included the following: something from a church book or magazine(not the scriptures)
2.personal scripture study
3.1 letter to someone
4. write in journal

So that is my inspiration for myself today, is to focus more on my spiritual growth. I feel that if you are not spiritually happy, its hard to be happy in anything else too.

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Gwen said...

Do you have the picture scripture books from the church distribution? That's what I do with my boys. They love it.